From Story to Significance

Transforming Stories & Experiences into Pathways to Purpose


  • Feel stuck in the same old stories that cause you to doubt yourself, get frustrated, or hinder you from reaching your dreams?
  • Want to reflect on the past year and make the most of your experiences to guide your next steps, but not sure how?
  • Long to know your life purpose, but find it a challenge to get clarity?

Imagine if you had…

  • A sense of resilience and trust in yourself as you faced your challenges.
  • The comfort of knowing how far you’ve come, where you are, and a detailed map for getting to where you want to go.
  • A greater feeling of connection to your life purpose and could use that confidence to guide you in everyday choices…

From Story to Significance offers

  • a pathway to transform outdated energy-draining stories into ones that more truly reflect who you are and support your goals
  • a method for integrating the learnings from, making meaning out of, and becoming inspired by your experiences
  • a process for creating a clear vision of what you want and who you want to be

Our simple but powerful process will lead you to create your own life-changing narrative infused with purpose and significance

In this new 5- Module Series, you will

  • Understand the past stories that sap your personal power
  • Discover insights about yourself and evolve your story so you can bring both you and your story into present time
  • Choose your North Star and create a new story that will give your journey meaning
  • Empower your Visionary Story with simple everyday actions and supportive approaches that will fuel the changes you want to make
  • Sustain your progress by shifting your mindset and sidestepping habitual landmines

Each module guides you step-by-step through the process. You get to control how quickly you move through the program. Once you enroll, all the modules and materials are available for instant download so you can start when you want, take as long as you like to complete the course, and repeat it again and again over the years to come.

By the end of the course, you will…

✓ Be able to apply this process to any story in which you feel stuck or frustrated.

✓ Find acceptance in yourself, in others and in what is.

✓ Be empowered to sustain and maintain real change in your life.

✓ Have clarity in your choice points and in your decision making process.

✓ Have freedom from stories that are no longer serving you.

✓ Be energized to move forward with living your life to its fullest.

Tuition: $349.  Click here to register
Many people find benefit in working together with a facilitator during this journey. If you would like to work individually or with a group on shifting your stories, please contact me