Tapping into Resource

Navigating Tough Challenges in Uncertain Times… Together

Feeling overwhelmed at times? Although this particular situation is new and unprecedented, the concerns, questions, and challenges you are encountering are not.  People have been struggling with similar issues for eons. You are not alone and you don’t have to figure this out by yourself. This series is designed to help you Tap into the Resources you need to handle the difficult issues you are facing with greater ease and resilience.

Each module offers simple yet powerful ways to resource yourself so you can deal more effectively with what is stressing you out. 

  •  Module 1: Our Fears: Have you been coming face to face with your worst fears?  Worried about your finances? Your health? Your loved ones? Being alone?  The specific fears may differ from person to person, but we all want to know how we can access our inner resources to overcome our fears.
  • Module 2: Your Self: Has your shadow revealed itself in ways you can’t deny?  Even though you aspire to be your best, is impatience, anger, selfishness, neediness, pettiness, or intolerance rearing its nasty head? Have you been collapsing, judging, or beating yourself up about it?  Experience how to use the insights you are gaining to grow instead.
  • Module 3: Those People: Is being cooped up 24×7 with family or roommates driving you crazy? Are your or their control issues coming up?  Is the inner critic judging those people? Is the lack of physical, emotional, or psychic space overwhelming or exhausting at times?  Do you feel frustrated, angry, disappointed or hurt by the people, organizations, or communities around you?  Learn how to access greater space and harmony and sanity even in the midst of chaos. 
  •  Our Communities: Are you saddened and heartbroken by the toll the pandemic and other disasters are taking on so many good people? Is trying to help your communities during times of great need exhausting, uplifting or both? Do you feel caught between your idealistic impulses and the instinct to survive/protect those you love? Experience how you can offer what you can without draining yourself and how equanimity can give you the strength you need to serve your communities without burning out.



  • The 4-class series (8 hours of content) is available for purchase for $108.  Click here to learn more.