Advanced Reiki Training & Master Attunements

About the Workshop

Are you ready to offer more to the world?

This advanced Reiki workshop offering the Master Attunements will strengthen your connection with this powerful healing energy and amplify the benefits you can share with others.

Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy.” It is a powerful, effective, and natural method of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person, bringing harmony and health on all levels – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Its beneficial effects are complementary to other medical or therapeutic techniques and can be helpful for many health conditions.

Reiki is also known as the secret art of inviting happiness and the miraculous medicine for all diseases. Reiki is simple and easy to learn for people of all ages and backgrounds.  The ability to access the unlimited source of Reiki energy is transferred from a Reiki Master to students through the Attunement process.

If you enjoy Reiki, want to connect even more deeply with its compassionate healing energy, and desire to help more people experience its powerful benefits, then I invite you to join this advanced Reiki workshop.

In the Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher workshop, you will

  • Receive the Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher attunements
  • Be introduced to the sacred Reiki Master symbols that increase Reiki energies to the next level
  • Work with crystals and creating Crystal Grids to enhance Reiki energy
  • Practice Reiki Master meditations, breath work, energy  clearing and aura cleansing techniques
  • Connect with the Rainbow Bridge and send Reiki energy to the past or the future to heal issues and create positive outcomes
  • Exchange Reiki Healing Attunement sessions with other students
  • Learn and practice giving Reiki Empowerment Attunements

The Reiki Master Practitioner workshop attunes the practitioner to the Usui Master symbols to increase Reiki energy. It also offers several new techniques and skills for enhancing and improving your Reiki  healing and spiritual practice.

The Reiki  Master Teacher workshop  attunes the practitioner to the Tibetan Master symbols.  Students will learn how to offer Healing Attunements and transmit Empowerment Attunements to awaken the Reiki energy in others.  This workshop will also teach powerful meditations and clearing techniques as well as how to use Reiki with Crystal Grids.  Joyce will also share the special modifications taught to her by her 100 year old master teacher.  Even if you do not plan to teach Reiki, the Master Teacher training provides valuable energy, knowledge and skills to deepen your Reiki practice so you can be healthier and serve your communities even more powerfully.

Schedule & Description

Session I: Reiki Master Practitioner

Saturday: 9:30AM-1PM

  • Session 1 begins with meditation, movement, and a brief review of the Reiki 1 & 2 symbols and techniques.  Next, students will learn about the Usui Master symbols, their uses and applications.  Students will then receive the first Reiki Master Practitioner attunement.  We will practice partner exercises with the increased energy of the Master symbols to scan auras and send Reiki across space and time.


Session II: Reiki Master Practitioner

Saturday: 2:30-5:30PM

  • Session 2 starts with the second Reiki Master Practitioner attunement. After the attunement, we will learn techniques for clearing energy, aura cleansing, and accessing the power of the Rainbow Bridge.  Students will exchange sessions using the new symbols and techniques. The class will end with a Summary and time for Q&A about becoming a Reiki  Master Practitioner.


Session III: Reiki Master Teacher

Sunday: 9:30AM-1PM

  • Session 3 builds on the Reiki Master Practitioner foundation, adding special breath work and moving meditation practices.  Students will be introduced to the Tibetan Reiki symbols and receive the Reiki Master Teacher attunement.  We will then cover how to use crystals with Reiki and practice building  Crystal Grids to amplify the Reiki energy.  Next, students will learn the process of offering Reiki Healing Attunements and practice with partners.


Session IV: Reiki Master Teacher

Sunday: 2:30AM-5:30PM

  • In Session 4 students learn about the energetics of Reiki transmissions and how to offer Reiki Empowerment Attunements. The Empowerment  Attunement process will be demonstrated, and we will then practice giving Empowerment Attunements to partners.  During this session, we will discuss the process of gaining skill and ease in offering individual attunements and classes to others.  The workshop ends with exchanging Reiki sessions integrating the new symbols and techniques. Reiki is an effective, natural, and simple method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. Reiki means “spiritually-guided life force energy.” Reiki has been beneficial in helping many conditions, and it is complementary to other medical and therapeutic treatments. Reiki is simple and easy to learn. The ability to use Reiki energy is passed on through attunements that enable students to access universal life force energy.

Dates:  January 7 & 8, 2017

Location:  Hong Kong

Registration: Please visit to register.

If you are interested in the Reiki Master Attunements, but do see a workshop  offered in your area, please contact Joyce   by email  Joyce(at)  about scheduling one.