Joyce Thom – Educator, Author, & Practitioner

With more than 25 years of experience in high-pressure environments, Joyce understands the importance of actively managing stress and creating a balanced lifestyle amidst the fast pace of modern life. Prior to opening The PATH, Joyce was a senior executive in general management, strategy, product management, and marketing at leading companies such as eBay, Intuit, Monitor and SRI International. In the 1990’s, she also co-founded and was CEO of a technology infrastructure company in Silicon Valley. From 2006 to early 2009, she was Chancellor of an educational institution devoted to the evolution of consciousness.  More recently, Joyce was a Lead Facilitator and Program Developer for Stanford’s Red Barn Leadership Program where she  helped executives increase their influence while balancing their lives.  Joyce has a B.A. from Yale and an M.P.A. in Public and International Affairs from Princeton.

Joyce began studying meditation, acupressure points, and Qi cultivation as a student of martial arts in 1979.  Since 1986, she has focused on the healing aspects of these ancient Eastern practices through the study and practice of acupressure, medical qigong, yoga and various forms of energy work. Trained in several modern Western healing arts as well, Joyce incorporates and integrates the best of both worlds into her sessions and classes.

Eastern Arts:
Often described as “acupuncture without the needles,” acupressure stimulates points along energy pathways to address illness/injuries, reduce stress, boost the immune system, and increase vitality.  As an Acupressure Practitioner and member of the ABMP, Joyce has studied Tui Na, Zen Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Thai bodywork in the US and Asia. She holds advanced certification in Traditional Asian Therapies and was on the faculty of the Acupressure Institute for 9 years.  She incorporates these arts and their holistic approach into her work with individuals and also offers seminars upon request to interested students.

Medical QiGong therapy combines breath, physical movement, meditation, and conscious intent to improve health and increase one’s sense of harmony. As a Medical QiGong Therapist trained by and holding a Masters in Medical QiGong from the International Institute of Medical QiGong, Joyce works with clients to strengthen, balance, and improve the flow of Qi throughout the body.

Joyce is a certified QiGong instructor for Lotus Nei Gong and offers training in the Foundation level of these ancient arts.  She co-leads Lotus Nei Gong’s San Francisco Bay Area branch with Rick Moorehead. Additionally, she has benefited greatly from studying for many years with the reknowned qigong master Simu Ou Yang Min as well as practicing TaiChi at the Acupressure Institute, TaiChi Berkeley, and Lotus Nei Gong.  Joyce is also a certified apprentice in the KUNLUN ® System. She teaches workshops and private classes to those interested in awakening more of their potential through these arts.

Joyce became a Reiki Master & Teacher after she received Advanced Reiki Training and both the Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master attunements from Paths of Light. She offers Reiki workshops and attunements around the world.

Joyce’s yoga background includes teacher training in Hatha Yoga under Sherry Han, completing the Integrative Yoga Therapy intensive Therapeutic Teacher Training program, training in Thai-Yoga with Thai Yoga Healing Arts, and receiving certification as an Acu-Yoga teacher from the Acupressure Institute. Joyce’s holistic approach brings together breath, postures, movement, imagery, and deep relaxation.She is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and workshops internationally.

Western Arts:
Joyce has completed certification in Visionary Craniosacral Work with the Milne Institute where she has been  an  instructor since 2007. She enjoys sharing this subtle and transformative modality and incorporates the visionary approach into all of her sessions. She has also studied Cranio Sacral Therapy and Bio-Dynamic Cranial Touch with the Heartwood, Upledger, and Dynamic Stillness Institutes.  In 2014, she co-authored Craniosacral Chi Kung which brings together the ancient healing practices of Craniosacral Work and Qi Gong.  Joyce teaches seminars on Cranial Flow Basics, Cranial Self-Care, The Brain, and Visionary Craniosacral Work.

She has also been trained in Muscle Energy Technique and Bowenwork which combine Western approaches to health with energy work. The transformative energetic body work she offers builds on her foundation of studies into expanded consciousness with LuminEssence where she is qualified to teach Awakening Your Light Body— a powerful course in accelerating personal and spiritual growth.

A Holistic Approach:
An integrated holistic approach to health involves looking at all levels of a person’s life.  In addition to the modalities above, Joyce is trained in multiple disciplines that emphasize embodiment, emotional intelligence, and psychospiritual development such as Hakomi, Learning in Action and the Myers-Briggs system. She is fully certified in all aspects of the Realization Process including meditation, embodiment, and spiritual psychotherapy.  She brings the wealth of this experience into the sessions, consultations, and seminars that she offers.

Joyce enjoys helping people on their PATH to greater peace, awareness, transformation and health. She offers in-person sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego as well as appointments for long-distance Consultations/Coaching, Qi Gong,  & energy work sessions.  Joyce also  teaches workshops (live and online) in consciousness studies, embodiment, and meditation, CranioSacral Work, and Awakening Your Light Body internationally.