Visionary Craniosacral Workshop: The Brain

Steve Schumacher and Joyce Thom will co-teach this 4-day Visionary Craniosacral Work seminar on the brain.   Our brain is central to our physical, emotional, mental and energetic health. This workshop will explore the role and dynamics the brain plays in our overall health and how we as craniosacral practitioners can assist our clients through working with the brain.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Brain anatomy including the triune brain concepts
  • Neurotransmitters and their impact on our function and wellbeing
  • Trauma and its effect on the brain
  • Cranial nerves: location, function, and symptoms

The hands-on portion of the workshop will offer

  • Exercises and meditations to help us optimize our brain
  • Brain self-palpation and self-care protocols
  • Brain harmonization protocol
  • Protocol to rebalance key cranial nerve functions
  • Procedures to address trauma and PTSD issues

When: May 28-31, 2016
Cost: $600
Location: Louisville, Kentucky — Center for Visionary Studies
Prerequisite: Students must have completed Visionary Craniosacral Work classes C1 & C2 in order to attend this advanced workshop.
Registration: To register, contact Steve Schumacher  by phone at 502.412.1141 or by email at  visionary5(at)