Centered Strength: Abundant, Balanced & Connected

In this fast-paced, high-stress world, it can be challenging to be as centered and compassionate as we would like. Centered Strength uses simple yet powerful tools based on ancient philosophies to teach us to transform “stressed out” into Abundant, Balanced, and Connected with what is truly important to us.

As we Center, we have access to more of our inner clarity, compassion, and confidence. We have the space and capacity to respond rather than react to difficult situations. We also feel more rejuvenated and resourced so we have more energy and inspiration to create and enjoy the life we want.

Centered Strength offers simple practical processes that empower us to improve our health, relationships, and effectiveness at work. In this workshop, we will learn to
• Center quickly and easily even during high stress situations
• Align and integrate our power centers so more energy is available for achieving our goals
• Access more of our internal and external resources so we feel well-resourced and better able to cope with life’s challenges
• Be more fully embodied, in touch with our emotions, present with our mental processes, and connected with Spirit

The Benefits of Centered Strength:
When we come from a place of Centered Strength, we
• Feel healthier and more energized
• Make better choices and decisions
• Are more focused, effective, and successful
• Communicate more skillfully and connect more meaningfully with others
• Bring more of who we truly are to all that we do

For people who lead teams and organizations, this workshop offers
• Insight into leadership patterns and how to lead more clearly and effectively
• Powerful approaches to dealing with resistance and getting more support for your projects
• Ways to reduce the stress of dealing with uncertainty and decision making in high pressure situations

For people who interact with customers/clients, this workshop is especially helpful in offering ways to
• Ground ourselves so that we can help others and feel great afterwards
• Connect deeply with clients while maintaining our own energy field
• Integrate our energy centers so that we attract customers and grow our business more easily

Centered Strength integrates the philosophies and concepts of QiGong, Taoism, Conscious Embodiment, and Light Body to benefit our health, work, and relationships.

Location: SF Bay Area, CA
When: March 4 & 5, 2017.  9:30AM-5PM
Cost: $350 regular tuition. $325 Early Bird if paid in full by February 19, 2017
Registration: Please send an email to Joyce(at)   and a $75 deposit (or full payment for the Early Bird Discount) to reserve your place in the class.
Cancellations: Cancellations received by email more than 21 days before the course receive a full refund less $25 administrative fee; 8-20 days receive a full refund less $75 deposit; no refunds are available for cancellations made less than 8 days before the class begins