Centered Strength: Creating the Space and Life You Choose

Part 1:  Simple Centering

This Centered Strength workshop begins with the basics of centering. We will learn a  simple practical process that empowers us to improve our health, our relationships, and our effectiveness at work.

Simple Centering enables us to
• Center quickly and easily even during high stress situations
• Align and integrate our power centers so more energy is available for achieving our goals
• Be more fully embodied, in touch with our emotions, present with our mental processes, and connected with Spirit

For those who have taken previous Centering classes, this section will offer a useful review and chance to deepen your Centering skills

Part 2: Creating Space

Once we are comfortable with being Centered, we can expand from that Centered place to one that is more Spacious. We will explore the dynamic between Center and Space, playing with the shifts and insights that result from

  • Finding the Space to see new perspectives on old issues
  • Creating Space for new and creative ideas
  • Learning to fully occupy our Space
  • Sensing the Spaciousness of the Universe
  • Using Space to improve our interactions with others
  • Creating Space to express ourselves
  • Holding Space and setting Space for life to unfold more smoothly and gracefully

Part 3: Creating From Center

How can being Centered enhance our ability to create the life, career, and relationships we want? The process of creating requires clarity about what we asking for, accessing resources, and allowing success. In this portion of the class, we will focus on ways that integrating and aligning our Centers can enhance our ability to create what we choose.  We will explore

  • Bringing more awareness to our Center, so we have more clarity about our path
  • Connecting more deeply to the Universe so we are better able to sense the resources available for us for the creation of abundance, harmonious relationships, fulfilling careers, and radiant health
  • Sensing potential and transforming potential into form
  • Deepening our internal communication so we can better understand and work with the parts within ourselves that hold us back from success
  • Shifting our relationship to abundance, expanding our energy “set point” and creating Space to receive

Additionally, this seminar teaches us how to access the gifts of our 3 Power Centers, set clear energetic boundaries, and optimize our energy field so we are better able to express our authentic self.

When: TBA, Weekend, 9:00-5:00PM
Registration: Class size is limited. Please send an email ( and a $75 deposit (or full payment for the Early Bird Discount) to reserve your place in the class. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made less than 14 days before class. Full payment is due 7 days before class starts.