CranioSacral Basics: Opening to the Flow

About CranioSacral Work and the Workshop

CranioSacral Work (CSW) is a gentle, yet powerful holistic healing modality that optimizes the flow of energy throughout the body. By restoring the natural movement of the fluids, tissues, and bones, the Practitioner assists the Partner to release painful or restricted conditions anywhere in the System. CranioSacral work accesses the Client’s inner wisdom and innate healing capacity to calm the mind, harmonize the emotions, and support physical well-being. The meditative states that occur with CranioSacral work facilitate a deeper mind-body-spirit connection that is healing and deeply rejuvenating on all levels for both Practitioner and Partner.

The Benefits of CranioSacral Work:

CSW is known for assisting people with

  • Headaches, neck, shoulder, and back pain, joint and structural issues
  • TMJ pain, sinusitis, and digestion issues
  • Insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, emotional upset, and stress-related issues
  • Gaining clarity and insight, managing challenging life transitions, and empowering personal and spiritual growth

In this CranioSacral foundations workshop, students will learn

  • The cranial rhythm patterns and how to sense the movement of energy through the body
  • How the movement of key structures (or lack of it) affects our perceptions, emotions, and overall health
  • To open the channels of perception in order to perceive what is troubling another and what might be of assistance
  • A complete head to toe CranioSacral protocol that harmonizes the fluids, the tissues, the bones, and the Whole
  • Approaches to Health and Healing that will be applicable and useful in daily life

This Workshop will be beneficial for anyone interested in

  • Learning about CranioSacral Work and experiencing its benefits
  • Understanding more about the body-mind-spirit connection
  • Exploring how Attention, Intention, and Presence affect our Health and our ability to serve our communities


  • Bodywork Practitioners will gain effective light-touch skills and techniques to add to their toolkit
  • Yoga Students will deepen their understanding of their bodies in ways that will enable them to enhance their asana practice

The primary purpose of this workshop is to offer training in CranioSacral Work. There are no prerequisites to attend this class.


The class  includes meditation, qigong/energy exercises, lecture, demonstration, and partner exchanges.

Connecting with the Rhythms: Listening and Following
Listening for the fluidity of the cranial wave. Sensing the rhythms and “voice” of the fluid body.

  • Connecting with Earth, Connecting with Air, Connecting with Heaven

Connecting with the Tissues: Inviting Freedom
Feeling for movement in the tissues. Encouraging the free and fluid flow of energy through the muscles, organs and connective tissues.

  • Freeing our Voice, Freeing our Power, Freeing our Spine

Connecting with the Bones: Creating Space
Looking to facilitate inner spaciousness by decompressing the bones. Sensing what is ready to shift within our partner.

  • Expanding our Foundation, Expressing our Essence, Opening the Mind

Connecting with the Whole: Balancing and Integrating
Knowing the Health of our Partner. Allowing the Breath of Life to return us to Balance, Center, & Wholeness.

  • Connecting Heaven & Earth, Resting in Stillness, Returning to Center

When: April 14 & 15, 2018 from  9:30AM-5:30PM
Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City)
Cost: $325  ($160 for students who are repeating this class)
Registration: To register, please  email