CranioSacral Self-Care

CranioSacral Work Self Care:

CranioSacral Work is known for helping the system to return to health and harmony.  CranioSacral  Self-Care techniques are particularly effective in

  • Addressing headaches, TMJ pain, sinusitis, toothaches, and earaches
  • Balancing mood swings,  reducing anxiety and improving stress-related issues
  • Increasing mental clarity and creativity, enhancing our ability to interact with others harmoniously,  and empowering personal and spiritual growth.

In this CranioSacral Self-Care workshop, we will learn and practice simple cranial techniques to address common issues such as headaches, neck discomfort, jaw pain, tinnitus, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, and overall tension. This seminar is excellent for individuals looking for additional ways to support their own health and healing as well as for practitioners wishing to learn processes they can teach their clients.


9:30AM-5:00PM  The class  includes meditation, qigong/energy exercises, lecture, demonstration, and self-care techniques We will cover 3 complete protocols designed to balance our systems and enhance our sense of spaciousness and flow.

  • Suture Protocol: Opening to Clarity, Opening to Heaven, Harmonizing Boundaries
  • Sinus Protocol: Opening the Passages, Clearing the 4 Sinuses
  • Head-to-Tail Protocol:  Opening the Crown,  Opening the Eyes, Balancing the Ears, Unwinding the Teeth, Accessing Tranquility,  Aligning Center,  Relaxing the Sacrum

Prerequisites: The CranioSacral Basics course or previous study of cranial sacral therapy. Email Joyce if you are unsure if your experience fulfills the prerequisite.

When: TBA. 9:30-5:00PM.

Cost: Standard tuition: $175, Early Bird Discount is $155 if payment in full is received 14 days in advance.

Registration: Please send an email  to Joyce (at) and a $75 deposit (or full payment for the Early Bird Discount) to reserve your place in the class. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made less than 14 days in advance.