The Energetics of Teaching

How does energy affect your teaching? What energies magnetize people to you and your classes? What helps energy flow more smoothly when you are teaching? How can you feel more energized during and after teaching?

This dynamic class offers ways to work more consciously and skillfully with energy so you can be of service more effectively, sustainably, and vibrantly.

  • Pre-Class Energetics: becoming inspired, attracting students, setting space
  • In-Class Energetics: finding the flow, receiving guidance, connecting with & supporting students
  • Post-Class Energetics: bringing the class to clear completion, supporting a graceful transition/re-entry, encouraging self-empowerment and ongoing growth, clearing and resetting your personal energy

We are all teachers — whether we are sharing our knowledge formally or informally, with individuals or groups, at home, at work or in our communities. This class is valuable for

  • Instructors in any field
  • Practitioners & coaches who teach clients in 1×1 situations
  • Parents who are looking for new perspectives in interacting with their children
  • Business people who want to optimize the way you communicate information or improve the way you develop your employees

When: Please contact me for the next starting date of this seminar
Registration: Send an email to