The Joy of Presence

Opening the Channels of Perception through Mindfulness

The hubbub of today’s world can be overwhelming to our senses. Early on, we learn to shut down our perceptions and disconnect from much of the world around us in an attempt to manage the incoming stimuli. This reaction is natural, but not necessary. Being fully Present with the world around us is not merely possible; it is highly beneficial for our health, for our relationships, and for our work.

In this seminar, we will learn how to open our awareness to all that our senses have to offer us – honoring our senses as pathways that can bring us home to ourselves, our life purpose, and our joy. And we can do this safely, mindfully, and joyfully.

We will work gently, yet deeply, with each of our senses, opening each channel of perception through mindfulness practices. We will go beyond the 5 Physical Senses, expanding our capacity to sense our connections to and relationships with Energy, Time, Space, and Spirit.

Sometimes our perceptive ability is defined more by the rigidity of our belief structures than physical limitations. As we expand our capacity and awaken to greater consciousness, our inner fluidity will increase. With this heightened awareness and greater fluidity, we will begin to perceive people and the world with greater clarity, understanding and compassion. And we will open to the new levels of joy in our lives that come from being more fully Present.

The skills learned in this seminar are especially useful for those wishing to enhance their perceptive and intuitive capabilities.

During this 2 day seminar, we will use a combination of teachings, gentle physical movements, meditative journeys, and interactive discussions to

  • Learn simple exercises for releasing stress, opening areas of constriction, and encouraging the free flow of energy
  • Work with each of the senses to enhance our ability to perceive and receive with these channels
  • Play with being more present and fluid with our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies
  • Improve our ability to bring balance and harmony into our lives so we can move, grow, and live with greater joy
  • Apply our increased awareness to improve our relationships with others

When: Please contact me for the next starting date of this seminar
Cost: $350, Early Bird Discount $325
Registration: contact Joyce at for more information and registration