Awakening Your Light Body

Awakening Your Light Body is a simple, life-changing process. You will learn ways to access expanded states of consciousness, how to reproduce these on your own, and how to bring the new energy you find into your daily life.

This course is excellent for people interested in

  • Developing advanced energy awareness skills
  • Learning practical applications for energy skills in daily life
  • Accelerating personal growth
  • Understanding how greater energy flow positively effects our health, relationships, and careers

Additional benefits may include:

  • Greater mental fluidity, emotional flow and physical ease
  • A clearer vision of your life’s purpose
  • A more conscious relationship with your higher Self
  • Heightened intuitive ability

The people who are most successful in this course believe they create their own reality, are willing to take responsibility for the events that occur in their lives, and feel their spiritual growth is one of the most important aspects of their life.

You will be drawn to this course if it is right for you. Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to help you decide. If you are still not sure, take a moment and go within. Ask your higher self if taking this class is your next step. Click here to learn more about the Light Body.

It is certainly possible to take the Awakening Your Light Body course on your own. However,  this  is deeply transformative work and most people find that they get much more from the course by taking it in a nurturing class container,  under the guidance of a certified Light Body teacher, and  with the support and community of peers.

Timing & Format:

Anyone registered for the class has the option to take the course in-person,  online, or both.  This course will be taught over 6 months through live  classes  during 3 weekends.  Classes will run from 9:30am -5pm ( pacific time) on Saturday/Sunday.

Over the years, many participants have expressed that being able to connect with  a community of like-minded people added tremendously to their experience of the class and also to their life overall.  To facilitate that, there will be a private forum contained in the online section of the course for people to share their experiences and give/ receive support during this live changing phase.

Commitment: Many people wonder what time commitment is required for this class over the 6 months.  People’s lifestyles and responsibilities vary widely. This course was designed for the hectic modern lifestyle, allowing the development of advanced skills in 6 months. People should expect to spend a minimum of 75 minutes/ week working with the material and energies.  In practice, many people notice such rapid positive changes that they want to spend much more time with it. Those who make it a priority may spend several hours a week playing with the energies until it becomes a way of life.

Then again, life happens and sometimes we need to focus on our work or families more intensively during the course. That is totally understandable and not an obstacle.  However, to provide support (and to minimize situations where people try to cram all their “homework” for the 2 months in between classes into the week before the next class),  I will ask for regular checkins on progress throughout the course.

Cost: $1297  standard tuition.  $1150 if paid in full by the early bird date.  If necessary, payment plans can be arranged. See below for the additional cost of required materials.  People who have taken the class with Joyce before may repeat the class for $600.

Required Materials: Each student must own the 6-volume Awakening Your Light Body set.  I am happy to be able to offer a discount for the materials to students taking the class with me.  If ordered as part of this course through me you can download the journeys for $450  ( a $44 savings).  Please note that the cost of the AYLB set is in addition to the class tuition. Partners/ families may share the materials, but people are asked not to share copies with friends/ other classmates out of respect for the LuminEssence organization.

Registration: To register, email Joyce at Joyce(at) and send a $75 deposit (or $1150 for the early bird discounted rate ) for the tuition.