Light Body Playdates

Light Body Playdates are opportunities to refresh and deepen your Light Body practice in a live class setting and supportive group field.

Each Playdate will focus on a different set of skills and qualities for enhancing your experience with the Light Body.  Together we will  explore ways to work with the  energies to bring more light and flow to all areas of your life including your health, relationships, work, and life purpose.

Timing & Format:

  • Students are welcome to attend any 1 or more of the days in the series.
  • Classes will run from 9-10:30AM and 11:00AM-12:30PM Pacific Time with a 30 minute break in between the sessions .
  • We will use the Zoom video conferencing platform (easy and free to set up on phones, tablets, PCs and Apple products)
  • October 18, 2020:  Energizing the Core -resourcing and rejuvenating yourself and your communities
  • November 8, 2020: Connecting and Harmonizing  – bringing more integration and peace to people and the planet
  • December 6, 2020: Resting in the Flow – trusting the natural cycles of being

Each class will include exercises and journeys  as well as time for sharing and Q&A.

Who would benefit from Light Body Playdates?

Light Body graduates who are interested in

  • Reviewing or refreshing their Light Body skills in a live class supportive community setting
  • Deepening their understanding and experience of the energies and how they influence our way of being
  • Connecting more deeply with the Light Body energies by learning practical ways to integrate these skills into daily life and share the positive effects with the world


  • Each student be a Light Body graduate and own the 6-volume Awakening Your Light Body set from LuminEssence.

Cost: You are welcome to attend 1 or more of the days in the series. Each day is $87 or $247 for the whole series

Registration: To register, email Joyce at Joyce(at) and send payment to  (works with any credit card) or arrange for payment via check or Venmo

About Joyce: 

Joyce has been a student of the Light Body since 2002 and a teacher of Awakening Your Light Body since 2004.  She has benefited deeply from integrating the Light Body into all areas of her life including her work as a leader, healer, & educator. She enjoys sharing this transformative work with others who are interested raising their consciousness, improving their lives, and making a positive difference in the world.