Meridian Flow Yoga

Workshops and Seminars

Meridian Flow Yoga combines the ancient healing practices of qigong and yoga to improve health by balancing and harmonizing the flow of energy throughout the entire system.

With Meridian Flow Yoga, we use simple modifications to our posture, breath & intent to optimize our yoga practice.These subtle changes to standard asanas allow us to customize our practice, tailoring it to fit our individual needs.

Whether we are practicing yoga to address injuries, balance emotions, relieve stress, clear our mind, or increase vitality, the effect and benefit is greatly enhanced with Meridian Flow Yoga.

You can do Meridian Flow Yoga as a stand alone practice or apply its concepts to any other yoga class to receive increased benefit and results.

In each 2-3 hour module, we will introduce and apply new concepts through gentle asana practice. Breathwork and meditation practices are offered to support and enhance the practice.

The foundation of the Meridian Flow Yoga system is Opening the Meridians. In this introductory workshop module, we begin to explore the Meridians and feel the benefit of opening these energetic pathways during our yoga practice. This module is a pre-requisite for all other modules.

Additional workshop modules include:

* Balancing Yin and Yang: focuses on ways to balance yin and yang in each pose (passive & active, flexibility & strength, releasing & building, etc.)

* Harmonizing the 5 Elements: explores ways to bring the 5 Elements into harmony through our yoga practice in order to restore health, vitality, and emotional balance.

* Activating the Points: covers important acupressure points for addressing common complaints and how to incorporate them creatively into yoga asanas.

* Integrating the Power Centers: introduces the 3 dantians (centers of power) and explores the benefits of integrating this awareness of power and qi generation into our practice.

* Cleansing the Organs: works with the major organs linked to the meridian system to support detoxification and rejuvenation

* Unifying Our Practice: integrates TaiJi and Taoist principles into the way we transition from one pose to the next so that we maximize the benefit to our system and improve our overall health

* Being Present: assists us in bringing a new level of Presence to our yoga practice so we can strengthen our practice more quickly and easily (while preventing injuries) and experience more peace

* Exploring the Meridians In-Depth: increases our awareness and understanding of the Meridians and how we can harmonize their flow through our Yoga practice

Meridian Flow Yoga Workshops

Opening the Meridians

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Meridian Flow Yoga Seminars
Meridian Flow Yoga seminars are two-day intensives which cover Opening the Meridians and several additional modules.

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Prior experience with Yoga or QiGong is helpful but not required. Classes will include a combination of teaching, demonstration, gentle yoga practice, and discussion.

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