Head Heart Hara & Mind

The ancient wisdom traditions say that the Mind is everything – the essence of Life. When you understand the Mind, you have the secrets to Happiness, Harmony, and Health.

But what is the Mind? Science says the Mind is the flow of energy and information throughout our entire system, especially through the head brain, heart brain, and gut (hara) brain. Both modern science and ancient lineages agree that each of these three Power Centers shape our perceptions of the world, affect our emotional balance and influence our physical vitality.

Head Heart Hara & Mind offers the opportunity to connect with the wisdom and power of the individual Centers as well as with the Whole Mind.

mind is the essence of life

Part 1:Connecting to the Essence of Life

In Part 1: Connecting to the Essence of Life, you will

  • Learn the three keys that will unlock the potential of the Power Centers
  • Increase your understanding of both the science and energetics of each Center
  • Explore accessing their wisdom and applying it to your daily life in practical ways
  • Experience the benefits (clarity, peace & vitality) of aligning and balancing the Mind

Part 1 is open to the public. This 2-day workshop will include presentations, anatomy, meditation, awareness practices, and qigong exercises. The workshop is especially beneficial for people wishing to begin or deepen their mindfulness practice, for those in the healing professions, and for yoga practitioners and teachers.


Part 2: Healthy Mind, Happy Life 

As craniosacral workers, we understand that working with the Power Centers and the Mind overall is as important to the health and well-being of our clients as working with the bones and tissues. Each Center offers a unique wisdom that enhances our ability to be of service to our clients. Each time we connect deeply with our clients, we know that we can have a profound effect on more than what we touch with our fingertips.

In Part 2: Healthy Mind, Happy Life, visionary craniosacral work combines the modern findings of science with the ancient traditions of mindfulness to offer practical protocols for harmonizing and balancing both the Parts and the Whole.

  • The Head protocol uses the channels of the inner eye and healer’s hands to access and balance the structures of the brain. These simple cranial techniques can facilitate improved cognitive function, emotional stability, and relief from chronic pain.
  • The Heart protocol offers techniques to open, center and support the Heart. Because it is the largest electromagnetic field of the body, harmonizing the Heart has a powerful effect on the Whole system.
  • The Hara protocol is designed to soothe the nervous system, unwind the abdomen, and charge the lower power center so clients will have more energy to live life to their fullest potential.
  • The final Integration protocol connects and integrates the three Power Centers of the Mind. It also provides an opportunity to explore the Spiritual aspects of Oneness with the Long Tide and Long Wave

Prerequisites for Part 2: This is an advanced craniosacral therapy course. Previous cranial sacral training and/or practice is required. Please email the organizer if you are unsure if your experience fulfills the prerequisite. Please note that attendance in Part 1 is required for Part 2.

When: Part 1: TBA   9AM-5PM       Part 1 & 2:  TBA, 2015 9AM-5PM

Cost: Part 1 only: $325 Standard Tuition, $300 Early Bird rate if paid in full 4 weeks  before class begins

Part 1 & 2: $650 Standard Tuition, $600 Early Bird Rate if paid in full 4 weeks before class begins

A $150 deposit is required to reserve your space. Cancellations made more than 28 days in advance will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations made 14-28 days before class will receive a 50% refund. No refunds are provided for cancellations less than 14 days before class.

To register, please contact Joyce(@)ThePATH.us