Rejuvenate, Refresh, & Resource Your Teaching

This workshop will focus on how to

  • Transform exhaustion, burn out, and overwhelm into feeling Energized, Inspired, and Abundant
  • Gain insights into the way we teach so we can be of service more effectively, sustainably, and vibrantly
  • Enhance your teaching Presence so that you do less, but offer more
  • Handle the stresses and responsibilities of teaching with greater grace and ease
  • Reconnect with why we became a teacher and why we love teaching

In this workshop, we will learn

  • A simple, yet powerful energetic process for centering quickly and easily so our teaching is effortless
  • To access our 3 power centers so our teaching reflects more of who we truly Are
  • How to use the 5 Elements in our teaching to change the way we resource ourselves and relate to our students

When we teach from a place of Centered Strength, we become

  • Centered …so we are Energized and uplifted by our work
  • Whole … so we are Inspired and connected to our Life Purpose
  • Abundant… so we are Overflowing and have plenty to share

Location: San Francisco Bay Area
When: TBA