Radiance Self-Exciting: Building Your Light Body

Based on DaBen’s teachings: In awakening your Light Body, you gained more physical ease, emotional flow and mental fluidity. The next step is to build your Light Body through learning the Self-Exciting skills. Many other Light Body skills and states of consciousness are based on Self-Exciting.

Self-exciting skills help you to stay in a higher flow and to get back into the flow more quickly when you lose it. You will learn to recognize what takes you out of your center and return easily to the flowing, peaceful states you want to experience. Self-exciting allows you to be supported by the energies about you. There is a feeling of oneness, where “everything is working” and you can sense the way you fit into everything else.

When your energy and light becomes self-exciting, everything you do contributes to increasing your light. Light moves differently and becomes more tangible. Your mind is clear and your thoughts flow one into another without circling around. Each thought brings you a new idea, insight, or clarity to what you are thinking about. You are more connected to your higher mind; you are creative, intuitive, and aware of your inner guidance. Your emotions are flowing, peaceful, and harmonious. Your heart is open; you have no need to protect or defend yourself because you can use all the energy around you to go to higher  states. Living in self-exciting states makes it easier to contact your soul and to live your life as a soul.

You will be drawn to this course if it is right for you. If you are not sure, take a moment and go within. Ask your higher self if taking this class is your next step. Click here to learn more about Radiance Self-Exciting.

When: February 4 & 5, 2017, Weekend, 9:30AM-5PM; April 9 at 6PM videoconference
Cost: $425 tuition ($200 for reviewers) includes in-class journeys and transmissions of light to support you during this course. See below for the additional cost of required materials

Prerequisites: You must be a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course
Required Materials: In addition, each student must own the Self-Exciting set of journeys. The cost of the mp3 set is $160 for downloads. Partners/ families may share the materials, but people are asked not to share copies with friends/ other classmates out of respect for the LuminEssence organization.
Registration: To register, email Joyce at joyce@thepath.us and send a $75 deposit for the tuition plus the $160 materials fees. For cancellations made 8-21 days in advance, there is a $75 fee.  Fees for cancellations made less than 8 days in advance of the beginning of the workshop are non-refundable.  Fees for the materials are non-refundable once ordered.