Tools and Methods for Spiritual Empowerment

with Pamela Graham

We are excited to host Pamela Graham for a weekend seminar in the San Francisco Bay Area. This life-changing course will be a powerful opportunity to meet Pamela and learn more about spiritual self-empowerment directly from her.

Although Earth is now accessing 5th dimensional reality, most of us are still operating in the more constrained 3rd dimensional reality.   Learn how to be in a physical body and navigate the 5th dimension without being limited by the physicality of the 3rd dimensional world.

Empower and Evolve Your Spiritual life by:

 Upgrading your chakras to the 5th Dimension and learning how to do the same for others

  • Getting more clarity in what you want to do with your spiritual gifts
  • Accessing and extending your innate clairvoyant capacity
  • Learning new ways to navigate telepathic channels.
  • Using alchemy to enhance your life
  • Connecting to the unlimited potential for greater choice and flow in your life
  •  Engaging more skillfully and fluidly with multiple perspectives and dimensions
  • Understanding how to function more effectively in the more “magical” 5th Dimension

This seminar is for people who

  • Are open minded, curious, and adventurous
  • Know (or would like to know) that they are self-responsible, self-empowered, and have choice in their lives
  • Are interested in turbo-charging their spiritual progress by letting go of the 3rd dimension and moving forward into the 5th dimension
  • Have heard about or worked with Pamela and would like to know how to access more of their own spiritual gifts

About Pamela Graham:  Pamela is an author, teacher, and coach who focuses on conveying methods that blend the spiritual and human experience. She inspires her audiences to discover their own inner knowing and power.

“Pamela has a wealth of esoteric knowledge and wisdom.  She is able to access much of what today’s society has forgotten and create an effective bridge between ancient and modern understandings. Pamela contextualizes the many different teachings I am engaged in and helps me navigate the landscape of my own spirituality in a safe, self-connected, and self-empowered way . We are fortunate that she is coming to California to share her wisdom and spread her light in this workshop.”  — Jenn Sherer 


  • Time:  Sat and Sun,  December 7 & 8, 9:30AM- 5PM (including lunch break)
  • Location:  Spinefulness:   305 N. California Ave #203;  Palo Alto, CA 94301  (plenty of street parking and 8 min walk to Cal Ave CalTrain Station)
  • Early bird pricing:  $375 –  pay in full by Wednesday November 6th for early bird pricing. After Nov. 6th:  $400

Email Jenn Sherer, with questions and to register.