Stanford Red Barn Leadership Program

Red Barn         Catalyst – 3-Month Program

Masterful leaders inspire and move others to action. They have high levels of self-awareness and grace under pressure. They are able to maintain a vision for the future while adapting and pivoting when necessary. They are clear in their communication and guided by a strong sense of purpose. They play big and lead high-powered, influential lives with joy and balance.

 Catalyst provides you with a 3-month journey to become this type of leader. During the program, you will magnify your presence, impact and influence. You will identify blind spots and obstacles to powerful leadership, receive immediate and actionable feedback, and have the opportunity to apply new leadership styles and behaviors. You will experience all of this with a group of established leaders from a variety of sectors.

Why We Work With Horses

Horses naturally follow and acknowledge the most competent leaders. By working in partnership with horses, you will balance leading with both empathy and strength. Horses also skillfully manage group dynamics; they hold a larger view that encompasses the needs of the entire group. Let our generous horses inspire you to new levels of mastery and confidence.

Our program will engage you on intellectual, emotional, and physical levels for a truly integrated, embodied, and transformational experience.

Learn to bring out the best in yourself and others by leading in a way that is authentic, masterful and profoundly influential.

There is no horseback riding (all work with horses is on the ground) and no horsemanship experience is required.

Catalyst Program Elements and Schedule


Group Sessions* Experiential Learning Days* Facilitated Group Coaching Individual Coaching
March 21, 2018





April 1, 2018






May 16, 2018



March 22, 2018


March 23, 2018



April 2, 2018



April 3, 2018



May 17, 2018



May 18, 2018



Participants are invited to join two group-coaching videoconference calls during the 3-month program.

Dates will be determined by the group on June 2, 2017.

Two individual coaching sessions offering customized feedback and support are also available.

You have the option to request one or two individual coaching sessions.




*Attendance is required at all Group Sessions and Experiential Learning Days. Group and individual coaching sessions are optional.

Program Tuition: $5997 per person

Tuition includes 6 experiential learning days, 3 group sessions, 2 facilitated group-coaching calls and 2 individual coaching sessions.

Contact: If you’re interested in participating and/or learning more, we welcome your questions and are happy to discuss the program in further detail over the phone.

For more additional information, please contact Jacqueline Hartman, Cofounder and Lead Facilitator, at or (650) 520-1412.
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