Success Mastery

 Experience Being
Energized, Esteemed & Empowered!

In this high-stress, high stakes world, it can be challenging to be both serene and successful. This workshop offers simple, yet powerful tools based on ancient philosophies to teach you how to transform feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated and shut down into feeling Energized, Esteemed, and Empowered.

Success Mastery is your opportunity to transform old patterns that have been holding you back into ones that support your stepping into Success in new and profound ways.  Gain the energy and inspiration you need to create and enjoy the life you want.

In Success Mastery,  you will learn to
• Overcome overwhelm by taking the 5 Simple Steps to Center so you can be Calm during Crises
Release the subconscious Mouse Mindset that causes you and your gifts to be undervalued and improve your ability to Attract Abundance
Unlock the potential of your 3 Power Centers so you can be Clear, Compassionate, & Confident in all parts of your life

The Benefits of Success Mastery include
• Feeling healthier and more energized
• Being more focused, effective, and successful
• Realizing more of your potential so you can make a bigger difference in the world

Session I: Overcoming Overwhelm
In Session 1, we take the 5 Simple Steps to Center  that enable us to

• Manage stress more easily and skillfully so we feel calm during crises
• Consciously shift our energy so our interactions with others become more positive
• Embody positive qualities so deeply that we enliven ourselves and uplift those around us

Session II:  Unlocking Your Power Centers
In Session 2, we focus on Connecting and Integrating our Energy Centers so we

• Communicate with more authenticity, compassion, and clarity
• Understand how different energy patterns affect our relationships so we can be more effective
• Access the power and potential of our Whole Self

Session III: Attracting Abundance
In Session 3, we learn how to release the subconscious Mouse Mindset so our gifts unfold and we can

• Deal easily and effectively with difficult situations without efforting
• Have more energy for the things we want to do and feel more vibrant
• Match our energy structure with our goals
• Serve our communities sustainably and joyfully
• Trust ourselves and the Universe

When: TBA, Weekend, 9:30AM-5PM
Cost: $350  standard tuition. Early bird rate: If registered and paid in full 14 days in advance– $325
Location: San Francisco Bay Area – East Bay

Registration: Class size is limited. Please send an email ( and a $75 deposit (or full payment for the Early Bird Discount) to reserve your place in the class. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made less than 14 days before class.