About the Workshops:

” As I said to Joyce that day,”you are teaching us magic!” Thank you from the depth of my heart! We all need strong antidotes to be able to cope with the challenges of this busy hectic world we live in today!”

“Joyce’s classes have provided me with an active approach to my self-discovery on all levels. In just one weekend, the practical interpersonal tools I received have been measurable and significant.”

““I was literally “stuck” because of all the emotional overload and mental self judgment. I knew better, but I could not change the pattern that was literally draining me of energy. I was busy, but really not very productive. What a change the class made! Learning how to access the power of the three centers was my missing link. For probably the first time in my life, I feel empowered to consciously bring true balance into my life! “

“I love how Joyce is able to simplify the most complex subjects and distill them into easy-to-understand bite-sized pieces and then provide practical applications for daily life.   The results are immediate and the benefits ripple out over time. “

“Joyce’s class offered a safe environment for me to discover and bring the unconscious into conscious awareness… deeply improving my understanding of relationships with friends, family, and neighbors.”

“I am astounded at how quick and easy it was to connect with Reiki energy and that you had us doing so much in just 2 short days. I have been touched, moved and empowered by the workshop, Reiki, and learning from you.”

“I appreciate how you guide me to explore and discover my own journey rather than “telling” me your conclusions.”

“I’m discovering that [the cranial class] has shaped how I “see” and “listen” to clients in a very profound way.”

“What I get [from the classes] is always life-changing. It is so easy to apply in real life and the changes that I see and feel from doing the centering technique are making me a much happier and lighter person.”

“I always felt I was losing years off my life, and now [with the Centered Strength workshop] I feel I can add years onto my life! You have helped me discover a fountain of youth.”

“Joyce is the sort of spiritual teacher connected to lineage but bringing it into the present evolution of where we are today.”

About Private Sessions

“Joyce has a unique ability to draw on many different skills to create a session that’s truly individual and effective, and she does so with creativity, caring, and intelligence. The effects are lasting and powerful, and I am grateful for her work.” -Allison H.;  Entrepreneur

“Nothing would work progressively on my chronic pains until I found Joyce. Her East-West approach to health and healing is just what I needed. My quest for finding the support I needed to identify and overcome my blockages and bring forth my innate capacity for self-healing has been answered.” –Uwe Blesching, Ph.D.;  Author

“With her caring presence and intuitive touch, Joyce skillfully addresses the needs of my body for harmony and wholeness. Tension and emotional distress drop away.  Each session brings to me a sense of radiant health and vibrant energy. ” – Tom Wilson, Ph.D.; Director of the Animal Acupressure Training Academy  

“Joyce has a knowledgeable and capable style that is very natural. Every visit is relaxing and soothing on many levels. I always look forward to my next visit.” – Clint S.;  Marketing  & Business Development Executive

“The blend of Joyce’s knowledge and intuition guides me to a profound state of well-being and peace. Her broad range of skills enables her to provide exactly what I need on any given day. Afterwards, I always feel revitalized and renewed.” – Linda I.; VP Marketing

“With her precise assessment and effective solutions, Joyce invites me to explore another perspective, see something I have overlooked, or notice something I have not noticed before … which is usually the root cause of my ailment in the first place!” – Tanya W.;  CranioSacral Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

“Through our work together, I understand and am more conscious of my inner power. Joyce skillfully bridges the spiritual and the practical which has been particularly helpful professionally.” – Z. M.; Marketing