Touched By Presence: Enhancing the Quality & Effectiveness of Touch

Learn how adjusting the focus of your attention can dramatically increase the benefits of your touch to your students and clients. In this experiential workshop, we will

  • Increase the benefit and reduce the potential for injury by enhancing your ability to “listen” with your hands
  • Sense the difference that Presence makes when giving & receiving touch
  • Experience what it feels like to be “in touch” with ourselves and others
  • Explore the unique power of different types of touch – Heart-centered, Taoist, Universal & more
  • Connect to the wisdom in your Healer’s Hands

The giving and receiving of touch is critical to human development, health, and well-being. By enhancing the quality and intention of our touch, we can increase the effectiveness of any technique or modality. This workshop is valuable for people wanting to deepen their connection and work with others and enhance their capacity for skillful Present touch:

  • Yoga Instructors who do adjustments
  • Body and Energy Workers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Parents and Caregivers

For more in-depth work on opening your intuition and channels of perception, see The Joy of Presence

When: Please email joyce (at) for the date of the next workshop
Registration:  Register by emailing Joyce (at)