Tui Na Foundations

Tui Na is an active and invigorating style that uses pressure on acupoints, range of motion techniques, and structural realignment methods to treat a wide variety of issues. Practiced in China for over 2,000 years, Tui Na increases and balances the flow of Qi through the meridian system, facilitating the body’s natural healing process.

Wind and Water Tui Na is known for its gentle and fluid style. This style of Tui Na incorporates 5-Element/Feng Shui theory into its movements and is designed to be highy effective while also supporting the longevity of the practitioner. Although this style will be taught as tablework, it can also be offered on the floor as well.

The Tui Na Foundations class offers the opportunity to learn

  • Dao-Yin self-massage, Tai Qi, and Qi Gong exercises to enhance the health of the practitioner and provide self-care exercises for clients
  • Range of motion and stretching techniques to free joints, relax muscles, and increase circulation
  • A¬†complete protocol including both prone and supine techniques that address all major areas of the body while balancing and harmonizing the meridian energy pathways

Please note: As with other forms of Asian acupressure bodywork, clients are fully clothed for sessions and so it is best if students for this class wear loose, comfortable clothing in which they can move easily.

When:  Please contact me for the next starting date for this seminar

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